VICTORIADATES regularly improves its business processes, and our compliance program is no exception. We have prepared Marketing Compliance Program Guide for our partners. Reat it carefully, it will help you to understand the compliance requirements and adapt your campaigns accordingly.
We monitor the activities of our Partners/ Affiliates and their violations of our rules.
We send alerts to our Partners/ Affiliates to fix their violations.
If you create your own advertising materials about our service, you must provide us with them for approval prior to their usage.
If the Partner/ Affiliate repeats violations or commits severe breaches, that may lead to penalties or even the affiliate's termination.
Here, you can find our main compliance procedures:
We draw your attention on some of the requirements from our Compliance Program:
    If you apply any changes in your promo-materials, you must inform us and provide updated promo-materials for approval prior to their usage.
    You can find all of our requirements in Compliance Program Guide below:
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